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Carbon footprint and Low carbon strategies

Ecosol started the first carbon footprints with educational and reduction objectives in Hong Kong as early as 2008.
It has developed tools for companies to not only benchmark their emissions but truly decrease carbon contents in a financially-sound way.
It carbon offsetting projects include local aforestration in partnership with Ark Eden Foundation.
Circular economy: coaching, consulting and tutoring 
A former economist, Catherine is passionate about teaching sustainability in a practical and efficent way within organisations and corporations, to help enter circular economy, the only viable way forward.
Through coaching, tutoring, on-site or integrated within larger environmental days (through Ark Eden on Lantau) Catherine brings green awareness to any line of activity.
She has been consulting as well on environmental strategy for five years already (see references)


Sustainability in Buildings: consulting and teaching

Catherine has been teaching in Sustainability in Buildings & Interior Architecture at Insight, School of Design, Hong Kong for three years.
She also applied sustainable building practices to two existing projects, and is consulting on renovation and new buildings.
Catherine - Sustainable Design

Going Green in Hong Kong, the book

Offering practical guidelines and background information on our environment and how we can impact it as lightly as possible, Going Green published in English and Chinese, selling at 14,000 copies. It received many prizes.
To directly purchase the book, please place orders on our Publications page.
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About Catherine



Catherine Touzard is a Hong Kong permanent resident, who grew up in France, and lived successively in Great-Britain, Germany, Taiwan and India before settling down in Hong Kong with her family 12 years ago.

Her background includes a doctorate in Economics (Paris I La Sorbonne), along with language studies in English, German and Chinese.


Her professional experience encompasses the following topics:

  1. 1991-1998: country-risk analyst (including economic, politic and environmental risks), specialized on Asian countries, for Credit Lyonnais, Paris.
  2. 1999-2007: journalism, including environmental journalism for magazines and TV documentaries, from Hong Kong, on local and foreign media.
  3. 2003-2007: feasibility study, starting and coordination of a charitable environmental project linking renewable energy to poverty alleviation and health and sanitation improvement, in Northern Sichuan, for Veolia Fondation (voluntary basis).

Mother of four, Catherine has always tried to combine her environmental work with her family life. She aims at making her research and small discoveries of use for people who might be sharing the same path, work- and life-wise.

Catherine received the prize of Outstanding Earth Champion Award by the Earth Champion Foundation, in November 2008.

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